Auditing of Carrier Services


If your organization is like most, you are purchasing an increasing variety of telecommunications services, each with a unique pricing schedule based upon a combination of complex service guides or tariffs and contractual agreements. The validity of the charges on the resulting bills cannot be easily verified. No matter how competent your in-house staff, it is unlikely that they have the knowledge, experience, resources or time to ensure that you are being billed correctly. 

After billing errors are identified, the recovery of refunds requires the experience of professional auditors. Each year millions of dollars are refunded to organizations for billing errors uncovered by auditors who know where to look and how to ensure the maximum refund.

The Telecommunications Bill Audit by DIgby 4 Group, Inc. examines each of your bills from a variety of perspectives including: 

  • Contract Compliance
    Telecommunications Services are regularly purchased from contracts with confusing and often contradictory terms, conditions and pricing. During the Audit, our contract specialists undertake a detailed review of the contract language to ensure that you are receiving the pricing to which the contract commits. Promises such as the waiver of specific charges or additional discounts for increased spending are often made during the sales process, but overlooked when the actual billing takes place. As telecommunications service providers offer many different sets of rates and levels of discounts, they are admittedly unable to consistently produce clear and accurate bills that match up to the contracts.

  • Service Guide and Tariff Review

    Contracts for telecommunications services often refer to rates that appear on a web-based document called service guide or in a tariff, on file with a state or federal regulatory agency. These documents include pricing, terms and conditions not spelled out in your contract. Quoted discounts often refer to these separate documents which can change during your contract, increasing your ongoing costs. For services with no contract, applicable rates are based solely upon these service guides or tariffs. We conduct a circuit-by-circuit review. We also have access to web-based rate and tariff database service, enabling us access to the most up-to-the minute information that applies to your bills from each of the telecommunications service providers.

  • Circuit Records Validation

    Your fixed monthly telecommunications costs are made up of many different circuits (your corporate network, PBX circuits, dial tone lines, etc.) each with multiple pricing components. The records validation ensures that these circuits for which you are billed are actually in place and operational. We use a variety of approaches to records validation depending upon the services. For larger locations, we conduct an on-site circuit inventory.

Easy Start Up
To proceed with a Telecommunications Bill Audit, you need only provide a single copy of each bill received on a monthly basis and any contracts you have signed for telecommunications services. If your accounts are available online at the service provider website, we can access your bills without having to make copies. You designate one person within your organization as our primary contact and we’ll take it from there.

Our initial assessment of your expenses will identify the most likely areas of opportunity for refunds, which is where we start the audit.

The work can be started right away and preliminary results will be reported within a few months. Discovery of one refund opportunity may lead to others. The telecommunications service providers have limited resources to address these billing issues. Our experience in working with them enables us to maximize the refund amounts. We also know what is required of them from a regulatory perspective in terms of issuing the refunds and interest. Refunds typically range from 10% to 20% of the annual total of the bills audited. In addition, with the correction of billing errors, the ongoing expense may be reduced 10% to 15%, on average.

DIgby 4 Group is paid a fee for this service based upon a percentage of any refund obtained. If there is no refund, there is no charge for this service.

DIgby 4 Group, Inc. has been in business since 1979. Unlike most other telecommunications bill auditing firms, DIgby 4 is a consulting firm offering a variety of other services to help manage communications technologies. In the course of the audit we may identify other cost reduction opportunities that we will bring to your attention. Our clear, concise Management Summary Status Reports provided throughout the audit ensure that you will always be aware of our progress and results.We will be happy to provide you with additional information describing the telecommunications bill audit process in more detail.