Mobile Expense Optimization


DIgby 4’s Mobile Expense Optimization combines proprietary computer software and specially trained analysts who use the software to identify the optimal plans and services that will keep your wireless expense to a minimum. The service not only recommends the changes, but implements them and tracks the savings which range between 10% and 35% of your wireless expense.

If your organization is like most, your ongoing expense for wireless communications is on the rise. This is typically due to:

  • A growing number of employees using mobile devices.

  • Increasing reliance on wireless services for business communications.

  • Frequent introduction of new capabilities with additional charges.

  • Improving technology initiating device and service upgrades.

Optimizing service provider plans and validating the accuracy of the bills are both needed to effectively control costs.

  • Optimizing mobile plans is an ongoing challenge

    • Service providers change plan offerings regularly.

    • Services providers’ own “optimization services” are limited in scope.

    • Manual optimization is time-consuming, even for someone with the needed expertise.

  • Validating the accuracy of mobile charges is difficult.

    • Contract pricing is complex, often expressed as a percentage discount.

    • Special agreements such as waiving early termination fees and issuing equipment credits are hard to track.

    • Service provider billing systems and reports are often confusing and do not lend themselves to easy bill validation.

    • If there is a billing error, mobile service providers will not issue retroactive refunds for more than three months, so historical overpayments cannot be recovered.

How the service works:

  • You provide us with your contracts, mobile account numbers and access to your service providers’ websites.

  • We download three months of billing and usage detail from your mobile service providers’ web portals.

  • We accept the raw data from all service providers and convert it into a proprietary database, this allows the system to analyze your spend and usage from a variety of perspectives, down to the individual device usage detail level.

  • The system flags the areas requiring optimization and identifies potential billing errors. Our experienced analysts use this information to complete both the optimization and bill validation processes.

  • Results of the analysis are delivered to you in an Excel based report including:

    • Management Overview

    • Savings Summary

    • Plan Recommendations

    • Voice, Data and Messaging Optimization

    • Devices with Zero Use

    • Billing Errors

    • Other charges with potential savings

    • With your approval, the recommended changes are implemented. We work with your mobile service providers using their terminology to ensure that the recommended changes are implemented correctly.

After the changes are implemented, we access the service provider’s web portal to ensure that the changes have been made as requested and validate the savings.
With the following information about your mobile expense, we will provide you with a price quotation for the service:

1. Service provider names
2. Number of devices with each provider
3. Average monthly expense with each provider
4. Whether or not you have a corporate contract

DIgby 4 Mobile Optimization Diagram