Communications Technology Management Assessments

Communications Technology Services and Equipment continue to change and vary by organization. Our assessments evaluate how well you are managing the various aspects of this including expenses, contracts, inventory record-keeping and internal policies. An assessment can focus on a specific category such as your global network, mobile services or voice communications or it can include all of your organization’s communications technology services.

Bill Accuracy Confirmation and Resolution of Billing Errors (Bill Audit)

  • Is your monthly billing in compliance with your contract rates?

  • Are you still being charged for services you have discontinued? (happens frequently)

  • Do you have the appropriate contacts at each service provider to call for service, billing and contract issues?

  • Are you being charged for services you do not have?

  • Are the taxes and surcharges (often 20+% of your bill) applied appropriately?

Communications Contract Negotiation Support

Before signing a communications service provider contract, we can review the following to be sure you are getting the best possible agreement:

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Services Covered

  • Optimal renewal terms

  • Favorable termination penalties

  • Ability to audit bills

  • Realistic Spend Commitments

Creation and Maintenance of Communications Service and Equipment Inventories

  • We collect the data from a variety or sources including invoices to compile an up-to-date inventory of your communications technology equipment and services.

  • We update your records as communications services are moved, changed, added or discontinued to maintain an accurate set of records.

  • We provide number management to ensure that you are tracking both fixed and mobile telephone numbers and associated users, as well as maintaining the inventory of unused numbers.

Relationship Management with Communications Service Provider Representatives

  • We keep up-to-date on your behalf on who to call for service, billing support, contract help and adding new services.

  • We arrange regular meetings with your communications service providers to ensure optimal management of your account.