Consulting Services


Communications Expense Assessment

Many organizations do not know how much is being spent for communications services and whether the expenditure makes sense in terms of both the need and appropriateness of the charges. An Expense Assessment identifies each bill received monthly and the associated service provider contracts. It also determines how your organization in interacting with each service provider for order, contract and billing issues. The end product is a spreadsheet of all accounts, by vendor, by type of service and by business purpose, each account showing a recent representative monthly expense amount. This is accompanied by our identifying the areas with the greatest opportunity to reduce expense. We will also document services for which the business purpose is not known. This differs from the Telecommunications Bill Audit in that the audit is focused on finding billing mistakes and obtaining a refund. The Expense Assessment is a first look at all of your services, the overall spend, the need for the services and the opportunity to reduce cost.  It can serve as a baseline for comparing costs to new services being offered by the telecommunications service providers (such as 'SIP' voice communications.)

Monthly Communications Expense Management

Receiving a copy of each of your monthly communications bills on a regular basis enables us to help you to manage the expense. We can access most bills at the vendor website. We can provide monthly, quarterly and/or annual reports showing overall expense and breakdowns with categories to align with your in-house budgets. 

This service also enables us to identify billing issues in need of investigation before they build up over an extended period of time. We identify the problem areas and obtain your agreement as to whether you want us to pursue them or you will handle them in-house.

Communications Services and Equipment Procurement Support

Effective communications expense management starts with the procurement process. DIgby 4 provides both expertise and experience to support your organization’s purchasing process for communications services and equipment.

From assisting you with developing requirements, through support for a Request for Proposal to recommendations for contract terms & conditions, we can help to improve the likelihood of a successful procurement.