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Mobile Expense Optimization


Mobile Expense Optimization


DIgby 4’s Mobile Expense Optimization combines proprietary computer software and specially trained analysts who use the software to identify the optimal plans and services that will keep your wireless expense to a minimum. The service not only recommends the changes, but implements them and tracks the savings which range between 10% and 35% of your wireless expense.

If your organization is like most, your ongoing expense for wireless communications is on the rise. This is typically due to:

  • A growing number of employees using mobile devices.

  • Increasing reliance on wireless services for business communications.

  • Frequent introduction of new capabilities with additional charges.

  • Improving technology initiating device and service upgrades.

Optimizing service provider plans and validating the accuracy of the bills are both needed to effectively control costs.

  • Optimizing mobile plans is an ongoing challenge

    • Service providers change plan offerings regularly.

    • Services providers’ own “optimization services” are limited in scope.

    • Manual optimization is time-consuming, even for someone with the needed expertise.

  • Validating the accuracy of mobile charges is difficult.

    • Contract pricing is complex, often expressed as a percentage discount.

    • Special agreements such as waiving early termination fees and issuing equipment credits are hard to track.

    • Service provider billing systems and reports are often confusing and do not lend themselves to easy bill validation.

    • If there is a billing error, mobile service providers will not issue retroactive refunds for more than three months, so historical overpayments cannot be recovered.

How the service works:

  • You provide us with your contracts, mobile account numbers and access to your service providers’ websites.

  • We download three months of billing and usage detail from your mobile service providers’ web portals.

  • We accept the raw data from all service providers and convert it into a proprietary database, this allows the system to analyze your spend and usage from a variety of perspectives, down to the individual device usage detail level.

  • The system flags the areas requiring optimization and identifies potential billing errors. Our experienced analysts use this information to complete both the optimization and bill validation processes.

  • Results of the analysis are delivered to you in an Excel based report including:

    • Management Overview

    • Savings Summary

    • Plan Recommendations

    • Voice, Data and Messaging Optimization

    • Devices with Zero Use

    • Billing Errors

    • Other charges with potential savings

    • With your approval, the recommended changes are implemented. We work with your mobile service providers using their terminology to ensure that the recommended changes are implemented correctly.

After the changes are implemented, we access the service provider’s web portal to ensure that the changes have been made as requested and validate the savings.
With the following information about your mobile expense, we will provide you with a price quotation for the service:

1. Service provider names
2. Number of devices with each provider
3. Average monthly expense with each provider
4. Whether or not you have a corporate contract

DIgby 4 Mobile Optimization Diagram


Mobile Management


Mobile Management


A combination of computer and professional services that help our clients deploy and manage the mobile devices and service plans. Our services include:

  • Dashboard to manage all aspects of mobile spend

    • Disputes

    • Track savings

    • Cost analysis

    • Changes

    • Process Invoices and feed to A/P

  • Monthly Expense Optimization

  • Chargeback

  • Deployment Support Order processing for new devices and services

    • Custom catalogs

    • Chargeback

    • Order tracking and validation

    • Centralized or decentralized deployment


 Wireline Management

Wireline Management


 This service supports your wireline (landline) services that you purchase from telecommunications service providers.  It is a secure web-based system, combined with our professional services to support:

  • Expense Control

  • Chargeback

  • Management Reporting

This includes:

Service Inventory

  • All services from all vendors

  • Inventory items are associated with Cost Centers

  • Controlling contracts are associated with inventory items

  • Easy access via portal supports analysis and cost control

Inventory Change Management

  • Compares invoice details from vendors to 'wireline inventory' to identify changes that occurred each month

  • Tools to research and validate changes

  • Update costs to be charged back

  • Data used to help validate invoices

Invoice Processing

  • Validate changes

  • Update 'wireline inventory'

  • Chargeback of one-time costs

  • Provide feeds to Accounts Payable

Management Reporting

On demand reports support:

  • Historical analysis of spend

  • Budget planning

  • Vendor negotiation

  • RFP preparation


 Auditing of Carrier Services

Auditing of Carrier Services


If your organization is like most, you are purchasing an increasing variety of telecommunications services, each with a unique pricing schedule based upon a combination of complex service guides or tariffs and contractual agreements. The validity of the charges on the resulting bills cannot be easily verified. No matter how competent your in-house staff, it is unlikely that they have the knowledge, experience, resources or time to ensure that you are being billed correctly. 

After billing errors are identified, the recovery of refunds requires the experience of professional auditors. Each year millions of dollars are refunded to organizations for billing errors uncovered by auditors who know where to look and how to ensure the maximum refund.

The Telecommunications Bill Audit by DIgby 4 Group, Inc. examines each of your bills from a variety of perspectives including: 

  • Contract Compliance
    Telecommunications Services are regularly purchased from contracts with confusing and often contradictory terms, conditions and pricing. During the Audit, our contract specialists undertake a detailed review of the contract language to ensure that you are receiving the pricing to which the contract commits. Promises such as the waiver of specific charges or additional discounts for increased spending are often made during the sales process, but overlooked when the actual billing takes place. As telecommunications service providers offer many different sets of rates and levels of discounts, they are admittedly unable to consistently produce clear and accurate bills that match up to the contracts.

  • Service Guide and Tariff Review

    Contracts for telecommunications services often refer to rates that appear on a web-based document called service guide or in a tariff, on file with a state or federal regulatory agency. These documents include pricing, terms and conditions not spelled out in your contract. Quoted discounts often refer to these separate documents which can change during your contract, increasing your ongoing costs. For services with no contract, applicable rates are based solely upon these service guides or tariffs. We conduct a circuit-by-circuit review. We also have access to web-based rate and tariff database service, enabling us access to the most up-to-the minute information that applies to your bills from each of the telecommunications service providers.

  • Circuit Records Validation

    Your fixed monthly telecommunications costs are made up of many different circuits (your corporate network, PBX circuits, dial tone lines, etc.) each with multiple pricing components. The records validation ensures that these circuits for which you are billed are actually in place and operational. We use a variety of approaches to records validation depending upon the services. For larger locations, we conduct an on-site circuit inventory.

Easy Start Up
To proceed with a Telecommunications Bill Audit, you need only provide a single copy of each bill received on a monthly basis and any contracts you have signed for telecommunications services. If your accounts are available online at the service provider website, we can access your bills without having to make copies. You designate one person within your organization as our primary contact and we’ll take it from there.

Our initial assessment of your expenses will identify the most likely areas of opportunity for refunds, which is where we start the audit.

The work can be started right away and preliminary results will be reported within a few months. Discovery of one refund opportunity may lead to others. The telecommunications service providers have limited resources to address these billing issues. Our experience in working with them enables us to maximize the refund amounts. We also know what is required of them from a regulatory perspective in terms of issuing the refunds and interest. Refunds typically range from 10% to 20% of the annual total of the bills audited. In addition, with the correction of billing errors, the ongoing expense may be reduced 10% to 15%, on average.

DIgby 4 Group is paid a fee for this service based upon a percentage of any refund obtained. If there is no refund, there is no charge for this service.

DIgby 4 Group, Inc. has been in business since 1979. Unlike most other telecommunications bill auditing firms, DIgby 4 is a consulting firm offering a variety of other services to help manage communications technologies. In the course of the audit we may identify other cost reduction opportunities that we will bring to your attention. Our clear, concise Management Summary Status Reports provided throughout the audit ensure that you will always be aware of our progress and results.We will be happy to provide you with additional information describing the telecommunications bill audit process in more detail.


 Contract Management

Contract Management


Contract management an important part of the purchasing cycle. DIgby 4’s Contract Management System is a secure, web-based system accessible from anywhere to authorized users. It can begin to track activity at the start of the purchasing cycle to support the creation of a new agreement: different contract versions, related documents, etc. This increases the likelihood that all contracts will be included in the system.

Contract Management activities include:

  • Capturing the details needed for contract management, sometimes not found within the contract itself.

  • Identifying contract event dates for which a reminder is needed.

  • Setting up a method for tracking event dates.

  • Associating new sub-agreements and amendments with the original contract.

  • Associating billing account numbers with the correct contract.

  • Tracking personnel changes during the life of the contract: contract manager, attorney, vendor representative.

  • Tracking contract issues to remember when the contract is up for renewal (what worked – what did not)

  • Allowing for sufficient time to plan in advance for contract renewal, renegotiation or issuing a Request for Proposal

Using DIgby 4’s CMS to Manage Your Contracts:

  • Creates a discipline making it easy to enter the information needed to manage a contract. Keeps all information, related documents and sub-agreements in one easily accessible place.

  • Creates a Master View of all contracts and key contract details. This is searchable and can be sorted or filtered by vendor, type of service, size of contract, expiration date, etc. It can also total the value of all contracts by vendor

  • Creates e-mail alerts for Contract Events that need to be managed.

  • Enables access for individuals managing and purchasing from the contracts.

Contract Management is the foundation of expense management:

  • Ensure that all services are associated with the correct contract to receive contract rates.

  • Allow purchasers from the contract access to terms, conditions and rates.

  • Provide access to those approving invoices to validate bill accuracy.

  • Avoid costly penalties for failing to meet contract commitments.

  • Arm yourself with contract terms to minimize early termination penalties.

  • Avoid contract expiration that may result in higher rates.

  • Pre-empt auto renewal that will take away your renegotiating leverage.

  • Keep the upper hand in contract negotiations with an early start.

  • Allow sufficient time to investigate lower cost alternatives.

A demonstration of our Contract Management System includes:

  • The set up form for entering contract data elements.

  • The master view of all contracts, contract management data and one-click access to a copy of the contract.

  • The Contract Management Dashboard.


 Consulting Services

Consulting Services


Communications Expense Assessment

Many organizations do not know how much is being spent for communications services and whether the expenditure makes sense in terms of both the need and appropriateness of the charges. An Expense Assessment identifies each bill received monthly and the associated service provider contracts. It also determines how your organization in interacting with each service provider for order, contract and billing issues. The end product is a spreadsheet of all accounts, by vendor, by type of service and by business purpose, each account showing a recent representative monthly expense amount. This is accompanied by our identifying the areas with the greatest opportunity to reduce expense. We will also document services for which the business purpose is not known. This differs from the Telecommunications Bill Audit in that the audit is focused on finding billing mistakes and obtaining a refund. The Expense Assessment is a first look at all of your services, the overall spend, the need for the services and the opportunity to reduce cost.  It can serve as a baseline for comparing costs to new services being offered by the telecommunications service providers (such as 'SIP' voice communications.)

Monthly Communications Expense Management

Receiving a copy of each of your monthly communications bills on a regular basis enables us to help you to manage the expense. We can access most bills at the vendor website. We can provide monthly, quarterly and/or annual reports showing overall expense and breakdowns with categories to align with your in-house budgets. 

This service also enables us to identify billing issues in need of investigation before they build up over an extended period of time. We identify the problem areas and obtain your agreement as to whether you want us to pursue them or you will handle them in-house.

Communications Services and Equipment Procurement Support

Effective communications expense management starts with the procurement process. DIgby 4 provides both expertise and experience to support your organization’s purchasing process for communications services and equipment.

From assisting you with developing requirements, through support for a Request for Proposal to recommendations for contract terms & conditions, we can help to improve the likelihood of a successful procurement.