HOSTED Mobile Management


Manage Mobile Services

  • Maintain an inventory of all mobile devices and the name of the employee assigned to the device.

  • Match device-holders names with names in  your HR system on a regular basis and identify users whose name has dropped off HR.

  • Optimize costs on a regular basis,  making recommendations for removing unused lines, changing plans or pools and adding and removing plans as needed for international travel.

  • Place orders to implement accepted recommendations and tracking them to verify that projected savings have been realized.


  • Finance your mobile devices through us.  No need to purchase mobile devices that get out of dateProvide your users with the most up-to-date mobile technology.  Arrange for a complete refresh after one or two years.

  • Eliminate Early Termination Fees and other tie ins to your mobile service provider resulting from buying mobile devices from them.

  • Negotiate lower plan prices with your mobile service provider, since there is no rationale for them to build the cost of subsidizing your equipment into your monthly rates.

Receive and Act on International Roaming Alerts

  • When one of your employees travels outside the United States without the appropriate mobile  plan in place, the cost can be significant.   We arrange to receive email alerts from your mobile carrier and are  able to put the appropriate plan in place, eliminating costly roaming changes.

Receive and Act on Travel Reports

  • We receive regular reports from your in-house or outside travel organization, letting us know in advance which employees are travelling, the dates and destination.   This enables us to order the appropriate mobile plan in advance of the trip and to remove the plan, if needed, when the traveler returns.

BYOD Support (Mobile App)

  • When your employees use their own mobile devices (Bring Your Own Device) there is still a cost to your organization that needs to be managed if you have a reimbursement plan.  Our BYOD module supports the management of these devices with an application that resides on each user’s mobile device and helps both with tracking and security.