Wireline Management


 This service supports your wireline (landline) services that you purchase from telecommunications service providers.  It is a secure web-based system, combined with our professional services to support:

  • Expense Control

  • Chargeback

  • Management Reporting

This includes:

Service Inventory

  • All services from all vendors

  • Inventory items are associated with Cost Centers

  • Controlling contracts are associated with inventory items

  • Easy access via portal supports analysis and cost control

Inventory Change Management

  • Compares invoice details from vendors to 'wireline inventory' to identify changes that occurred each month

  • Tools to research and validate changes

  • Update costs to be charged back

  • Data used to help validate invoices

Invoice Processing

  • Validate changes

  • Update 'wireline inventory'

  • Chargeback of one-time costs

  • Provide feeds to Accounts Payable

Management Reporting

On demand reports support:

  • Historical analysis of spend

  • Budget planning

  • Vendor negotiation

  • RFP preparation